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all proceeds are invested back into our community to help fund a wide spectrum of health, sport, youth, and beautification initiatives.

Mountain Runners supports youth in the community by giving money to athletic teams and school projects. Funds have purchased uniforms, helped build a school fitness course in Dunsmuir and supported the growth of track and cross country teams along with countless other projects.

As you walk or run the courses, many of the volunteers out there making it possible are representatives of a wide variety of local youth sports, nonprofit, and community groups who both show up to get things done as well as receive a share of the proceeds from the event. Part of what makes our community vibrant and keeps these groups going is your support of the 4th of July Walk/Run! On behalf of all those volunteers, thank you!

In addition to sharing the proceeds, Mountain Runners has a long-standing tradition of funding and/or executing a wide variety of community enhancement projects. Downtown improvements began with planting trees, which now number over 350, and other major improvements include lights in downtown trees, old-fashioned street lamps, mini-parks, a town clock, substantial support of the City Hall Plaza, providing for landscaping in the Lake Street medians and the addition of benches and trash receptacles downtown. The crown jewel in our accomplishments, of course, is the creation of Parker Plaza.

Parker Plaza

Artist Nadine Aiello Rendering of the New Parker Plaza

Artist Nadine Aiello Rendering of the New Parker Plaza

In 2010, Mountain Runners was approached with an opportunity to purchase a vacant lot on Mount Shasta Blvd. With the help of other generous donors in the community, Mountain Runners was able to acquire the property from proceeds generated by the annual Mount Shasta 4th of July Walk/Run.

In 2011, a committee of local community members was formed to develop an appropriate design for the property that would enhance the downtown area. The committee proposed an open plaza that would provide a pleasant relaxed setting and could also serve as a location for community events.

In the fall of 2012, work started on the actual construction of the plaza. Mountain Runners covered the cost of basic construction and infrastructure with proceeds from the 4th of July Walk/Run. As the project progressed, additional fundraising efforts were established in the community to provide other amenities for the plaza – such as a fountain, granite furniture, and a rock sitting wall.

 In early 2013, the Mountain Runners Board of Directors voted to dedicate the plaza to Dr. Jim Parker based on input from the community. Dr. Parker is one of the original founders of the Mount Shasta 4th of July Walk/Run and served as Race Director for 33 years until stepping down in 2012 due to health issues. Dr. Parker is also the inspiration behind the creation of the plaza.

In June 2015, Mountain Runners finalized the donation of Parker Plaza to the City of Mount Shasta, completing the vision of a welcoming and beautiful public space in the heart of downtown.

Mountain Runners would like to acknowledge the following people whose generous donations helped make purchase of the plaza property possible:

Susie Boyd, Nancy Driscoll, Gerald Mapes, Joe and Michael Wirth, Chris and Greg Messer, Belinda Higuera/Berryvale Grocery, Tina and Angelo Banos, Mark and Ellen Coleman

Other Projects

Below is a list of projects Mountain Runners has been involved in and has funded over the last 20+ years with the proceeds from the Mt Shasta 4th of July Walk/Run.

  • Acquisition and development of Parker Plaza on Mt. Shasta Blvd.

  • 354 trees on Mt Shasta Blvd.

  • West Castle street trees – Maple, Aspen and Liquidambar trees.

  • East Castle Street trees and planters.

  • Lights in trees on Mt Shasta Blvd.

  • Benches and planter boxes on Mt Shasta Blvd.

  • Planning money for proposed Lake Siskiyou Trail

  • Mini-park and kiosk on Mt Shasta Blvd.

  • 33 Classical Street Lamps on Mt Shasta Blvd.

  • Downtown Sound System

  • Downtown Street clock 

  • Benches and Trash receptacles downtown on Mt Shasta Blvd and Chestnut St.

  • Lake St. median strip landscaping

  • Mt Shasta City Hall Plaza

  • Beautiful downtown hanging flower baskets

  • Downtown thermometer

  • Sisson Meadows restoration

  • Industrial lighting (LED) in downtown trees

  • Snowmobile for Nordic Ski Track

  • Mt Shasta Skate Board Park

  • Mt Shasta Ice Rink

  • North Mt Shasta Blvd Triangle

  • New industrial lighting in downtown trees on Mt Shasta Blvd.


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